The Jerrol's Tote Bag and 5th Saturday Club


In April 2024 we had a design contest for a new Jerrol’s Tote bag! We had some really wonderful submissions (Truly we would make them all if we could!) Though the votes were close, the winner was this wonderful design from Zoey Ryan! We don’t have the bags in the store just yet, but you can pre-order one for yourself in store, or at


And to sweeten the deal, if you buy the new tote bag, you are automatically entered in our 5th Saturday club!

What's the 5th Saturday Club you ask? Well every month where there is a 5th Saturday (like June, August, and November of 2024) We will invite you to bring your Jerrol's tote bag in on that day and give you 10% off anything you can fit in it!!! Traxxas Vehicles and Gift Cards not included.


And a special thank you to all of our design contestants: Wren Branine, Graeme Branine, Griffin Bailey, Rachel Gordon, Katie Omans, Winnie Killingsworth, Alicia Burson, Kit Bender, Grace Mckinney, Karla Anguiano, and River Larsen . Each design submitted was a wonderful work of art, and we hope you keep pursuing your talents in our community!